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Hire a respected excavation contractor serving clients in the Oklahoma City Metro area and beyond

Do you need heavy-duty equipment to handle any excavation, site prep or land clearing project? Clem Excavation & Land Services, LLC is a preferred excavation contractor with years of experience in Edmond and the Oklahoma City Metro area. You can trust us to provide quality work for a fair and honest price.

Our excavation and land clearing company is known for top-tier work. Whether you need an entire site graded and sloped or a single ditch dug for plumbing, we'll ensure a quality job done right.

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Why are we the right choice for you?

There's no way to hide a subpar excavation or land clearing job. Either it's done right the first time, or it isn't. At Clem Excavation & Land Services we treat our clients and their properties with the same level of care and respect we'd want for ourselves. Our family owned and operated business will always place your satisfaction first.

No hidden costs and no hidden fees. Our land clearing company offers free estimates for open and honest pricing. Speak with us today to discuss your needs with a local expert.

Always hire a professional for any excavation project

You might be tempted to rent your own equipment to save a few bucks, but there are several reasons why you should always hire an excavation contractor to do the work. Here are a few reasons to contact us first before you dig:

Soil is often unpredictable
It's far easier to damage property than you might think
A professional carries insurance for accidents
Excavation around electrical wires or gas lines is dangerous

We'll always check property records to locate any underground utilities before we get started. With our many years of experience, setbacks, delays and accidents are far less likely.