Clear Away Brush and Vegetation Quickly

Schedule professional land clearing services in the Oklahoma City Metro Area

Hoping to break ground on a new construction project? The first important step is to make you're your site is clear and sloped appropriately. Clem Excavation & Land Services, LLC is your go-to source for land clearing services in Edmond, OK or surrounding areas. We can take care of any overgrown lot.

Whether you need to clear fence lines or demolish old buildings standing in your way, our heavy-duty equipment can get it done safely and efficiently. Call today to receive a free estimate on our land clearing services.

Why is site preparation important?

Why is site preparation important?

Proper site preparation is vital for the long-term stability and success of any construction project. Our site prep services will:

  • Reduce severe slopes
  • Eliminate excess water runoff and drainage issues
  • Provide easier access for bulldozers and trucks

From small shrubs and trees to boulders and buildings, we'll remove any obstructions and pave the way for seamless construction. Reach out today to discuss every detail of our site prep services.